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Sometimes a new product comes around that I might mention to a friend or 2, but sometimes there’s a real game-changer, the product everyone should know about, the thing I want to shout from the rooftop and throw free samples of at all the passerby when I drive down the road. This is one of those products I want to tell all my girlfriends – and a bunch of total strangers – about.

There are a lot of panty and pantyliner products around to help women who have little leaks. Perhaps you sweat “down there”, or have occasional moisture during times of your cycle, or (yep, I’m going there) enjoy morning sex but not the feeling 30 mins. later, or just leak a drop when you sneeze. Whatever the case may be, the liners and contraptions and garments meant to help are usually also meant to stay hidden.

But then came Knockout Panties!

Knockout Panties contain “no trace” technology. This patented liner in the bottom of the panty is cottony soft, thin, comfortable and undetectable – even when getting (un)dressed in front of a guy or in the gym locker room. Not only does it wick moisture away to leave you dry, it goes a step further and blocks odor as well!

This liner is thin, soft, breathable – and best yet, attached to the prettiest little problem solving panties I have seen! Lacy, sporty, thong and cute – the Knockout Panty line will not remind you of your grandmother or of a diaper! I PROMISE!

I have been wearing Knockout Panties for a few weeks. I wear them for yoga, running, the gym, a long, hot day outside that I know will be sweaty, or just because they were at the top of my drawer that morning. I have one pair that is all stretch lace in slate grey that I wear under my black workout shorts. Because they are a thin lace, they don’t show through and do not leave panty lines. I also have a combo thong made from nude lace with rose colored flowers.

I showed these first to my pregnant friend Melissa who thought she was the only one with little leaks because she is carrying around an extra 45 lbs right now – the future Baby Grace Aloha. I assured her that women all over the globe are looking for pretty panties that offer something extra – and Knockout panties are just the ticket! Wear them for one hard workout in shorts that are NOT made from tech fabric, and you’ll see the line where the sweat is, and where the sweat got BLOCKED from these little, lacy new best friends of mine.

Some Back Story

Proudly Made in America by owner, inventor, Harvard MBA, career gal and mother of 3, Angela Newnam, Knockout! offers both a Lacy and Classic Collection of sassy and comfortable panties including thongs, bikinis, boy shorts and briefs. “My dad spent his career at Milliken, where they focused on synthetic, high-tech fabrics – and even were the first suppliers of wicking fabric to UnderArmour. But I was looking for natural fabric that could wick and absorb at the same time.” The No Trace™ technology enabled natural fabrics to be imbedded with odor absorbing molecules. Originally designed for fast food uniforms and hunting apparel, the products had only limited market exposure before a 2008 liquidation. Newnam gave the technology new life!

The brand had a phenomenal first showing at CurveNY. Starting at $18, Knock out! panties are now on sale in 16 {Intimacy} stores across the US; from Boston to New York, Chicago to LA, Knock out! will have a presence in the store famously known by its Founder, Oprah’s lingerie expert The Bra Whisperer! You can also learn more or shop at

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