Ginch Gonch Underwear

Ginch Gonch Bull RiderBare Necessities has just announced they are carrying Ginch Gonch underwear for both men and women. If you’ve never seen Ginch Gonch’s stuff, they’ve got some pretty fun prints. Most are Western inspired. There’s the “Bull Rider” (shown here), “Red Bandana“, “Blue Bandana“, “Nice Guns“, and “Western Star“, among other less Western prints like “Fire Truck” and basic colors.

I’ve come across Ginch Gonch products in the past and I’ve always had a good laugh. This is not the underwear you’d typically wear under your wedding finery or even your work clothes (unless you’re a cowboy, maybe). This is really the kind of underwear you wear around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse are the kind of people who might have an impromptu playful wrestling match on the couch during a commercial break, then this is the underwear for you.

One final hint: even though Bare Necessities is now carrying Ginch Gonch, Freshpair almost always has the lowest price by $4.00-$5.00. I might have to get a matching set of Bull Riders for Rachel and I, though we do far less wrestling in our underwear now that the kids are also occupying the couch.

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