Burgundy Blushes this Fall


Recently guest blogger Marriana received a pair of panties and we have her opinion for you. The Lacy Dot String Bikini and Lacy dot hip hugger are part of “The Jockey collection, preferred by Rachel Zoe” this fall. Why? Because of their luscious colors! Burgundy is a major color for fall. You’ll also find shades of teal, grape and grey – along with neutral basics in these lace styles.

Slip into a flirty and feminine, silky-smooth nylon blend that is comfortable and stretchy with a delicate lace trim for an ultra-feminine design. Only lace from the ’50s was itchy, not today’s fun fabrics! Lacy Dot is modern and sexy and still great for everyday wear. These panties have a moderate front coverage, low-rise waist and cheeky back coverage to avoid panty lines.

Lacy Dot String Bikini Review:


The Fit:

The fit on this pair of panties was great! I loved the snugness of the lace. They were great under skinny jeans and tight dresses because they didn’t bunch up. I also didn’t think they snuck out of the waist line when I bent over or knelt down, which is generally a problem with most underwear and lower rise skinny jeans. They fit the same size as the tag suggested.

The Feel:

They felt like lace primarily. There was nothing special feel-wise. I did like that the lace was soft and not hard or itchy. The fact that the polkadot part of the underwear was mesh instead of a thicker fabric was nice, too.

The Look:

These panties were super cute! The burgundy color is fun and the lace and polka dots were adorable.  They didn’t look cheap or flimsy and the lace didn’t look like it would run or tear.

The Wash:

These underpants washed great. Nothing ripped or broke. The bright color didn’t bleed on my other clothes, which I was scared about at first. These panties are my new favorites!

Find these awesome new basics on Jockey.com.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I really need to buy sexier panties. These old granny panties have got to go. Really like the color burgundy!

  2. Jerry Lina says:

    Nice Panty!!! Lace Bra and Panties are very much popular nowadays. The reason is that it looks sexy as well as give full comfort. There are many types of designs are available in this. It is all your choice that which one you prefer. Colors are endless. A smart panty increases your confidence as well as improve the relation with your partner. There are many benefit of wearing sexy underwear. So take a smart decision and select the stylish lingerie.

  3. I love that they are 50% off right now on Jockey’s website. Love the look, just not a big fan of lace panties (for comfort). Thanks for the review.

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