Bali Passion for Comfort Boyshorts

bali passion for comfort boyshortThese are some cute boyshorts from the new Bali Passion for Comfort line! They are silky smooth and seamless. I was afraid they’d be too tight around the leg, but they were comfy all day long, just like the name predicts. They have a jacquard pattern in the same color along the bottom of each leg opening. Mine are black-on-black. They are seamless and tagless. Low rise under your belly button but full tush coverage. 

The look on the hanger: 10/10. A pretty, sophisticated boyshort – not a polka-dotted cutey short.

The fit 9/10: I was warned that the boyshort runs small, so I got a large instead of a medium (I’m a size 6/8 with a 30″ waist). No show through clothes, not even a line on the thighs through my pencil skirt.

The feel 8/10: Comfortable, soft – almost slick. I wish I could have worn them as running shorts, but they were a tad too short for my comfort level when running down the street in public. The only trouble I had with these panties was that the crotch is built very wide, so it seemed like my thighs were included in the crotch area.

On sale at time of writing for $7.20.

To celebrate the Passion Bali has for comfort, they offer these COMFORT tips:
Create Comfort For Others
Find active ways to volunteer in your community, whether it’s planting trees, tending a garden, or collecting trash along a neighborhood park. The selfless act will get you moving outside and leave you feeling good about yourself. – Jeanine Detz, Senior Fitness Editor, Shape Magazine

Say Spaaaah at Home
Create a spa-like bathroom, the perfect escape from everyday cares: Invest in plush towels, terrific bath salts, Ipod speakers, candles, and bring the spa experience home. – Jason Oliver Nixon, Creative Director, John Loecke Inc. interior design

Get Comfort From Confidence
Since all the rules we’ve lived by for years in fashion have been broken, now is the time to start setting your own. Wear what makes you happy; create a signature look by sporting a different over-sized faux cocktail ring everyday, sequins in the daytime; or experiment with your hair and makeup. As long as you have confidence, you’ll always be in style. – Anne L. Fritz, Editor of The Jet Set Girls and former Style Director for Life & Style

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