Congratulatons Beyonce

Beyonce full dressSay what you will about the dress itself, but it there was definitely some shaping going on underneath for Beyonce last night at the Oscars.  Although it was a rather “uplifting” evening for Sarah Jessica Parker a late surge couldn’t push her past Beyonce.

While Beyonce may have a natural hourglass figure, we’d say it was further enhanced with some special shapewear like the Rago waist nipper or even a full body strapless shaping slip like the firm control strapless slip from TC Fine.

Beyonce joins the likes of Marion Cottilard, Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Maggie Gyllenhaal as our fourth recipient of Best Underwear in a Supporting Role. Congrats to Beyonce, and the other nominees.

Though you may have to be Beyonce to afford this dress, you don’t necessarily have to be Beyonce to look great in your favorite dress. Remember, surgery is out and shapewear is in!

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