What’s coming on WHAT NOT TO WEAR

TLC rings in the new year with new episodes of WHAT NOT TO WEAR at 9pm ET/PT and the makeover show celebrates its 250th episode on January 29!

What’s coming?

1. A woman who had gastric bypass surgery and has dropped 170 pounds!
2. The 250th episode – “Worst Dressed American” – DJ Crizti Walsh who dresses more like a teenager than a 40-year-old mother.
3. Stacy and Clinton visit Massachusetts to track down a Salem Witch whose wardrobe is so controversial, she is often left out of family gatherings.
4. A professional body builder who once earned the title of “strongest woman in the world,” but struggles to find clothes that fit her extremely muscular physique.
5. An Episcopal priest
6. A 31-year-old cancer survivor and mother of 2 realizes her true beauty after a double mastectomy and an 80-pound weight loss.

“WHAT NOT TO WEAR has been a staple in TLC’s programming for seven years, and celebrating the 250th episode is a huge coup for the network and a real testament to Stacy and Clinton’s chemistry,” states Nancy Daniels, SVP of Production and Development for TLC.

“This season features some of the most compelling makeover stories yet and Stacy and Clinton are at their all-time best in these episodes.”

I heard a rumor that this is Clinton’s last season. Learn what you can from that whitty man while you still can!

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