WHAT NOT TO WEAR with Mindy Cohn!

“What Not To Wear” season 8 premieres TONIGHT – Friday, October 29 at 9PM ET/PT on TLC – and 80′s star Mindy Cohn is featured in the premiere episode! Watch fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly tackle the challenge of making over 80′s child star “Natalie” from “Facts of Life”. I used to watch that show every day after school!

Mindy is now 44 years old and struggling to balance her private and public persona while hiding in a frumpy wardrobe filled with oversized, shapeless frocks. Her career is back on the rise with a new movie, and Stacy and Clinton hope to help her shine in front of the paparazzi, and keep her off Hollywood’s worst dressed list.

Another makeover candidate actually prompts one of the WHAT NOT TO WEAR experts to walk off the set when her defensive attitude becomes to overbearing. We’ll also see a hard working Naval officer and mother who thinks skintight cat suits and scandalous clubbing attire somehow equal sexy, an IT specialist who looks more like a skater chick than a 44-year-old former model, and a flight attendant whose display of bling and glitter will end up being one of the biggest “make unders” in WHAT NOT TO WEAR history!

Stacy and Clinton will use their talents to help those with ongoing self esteem and body image struggles. From a florist who has lost 40 pounds, a country music magazine writer who uses sweatpants and sleepwear as a security blanket because of the 5 reconstructive surgeries she’s had on her breasts, to an athletic trainer hiding a recent weight gain.

26 new episodes will air from Oct. through spring 2011.

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