Summer fashion’s best friend – Strappity-do-da

As the weather gets hotter & your clothes get smaller, you may experience peek-a-boo bra straps. Normally at Intimate Guide we’d recommend a great strapless bra. But there is another solution! One that expands your wardrobe and can help others. No kidding! It’s Strappity-do-da!

Strappity-do-das are decorative beaded straps that attached to any bra, chemise, cami or top that you have with detachable straps. They come in lots of beautiful colors and styles. But you have to know the story behind them!

Strappity-do-da was formed to empower the women of Cali, Colombia by using their beading talents to hand-make bra straps with sparkling Czech glass beads. Female artisans hand bead each strap! By providing on-site child care, Colombian women who wouldn’t normally be able to work can now make money to support their families. Sales directly impact the lives of struggling women living in the impoverished and violence-stricken neighborhood of Siloe, located in the city of Cali, Colombia. The finished, beautifully beaded, patent-pending straps retail for $28-$50 at

This is all thanks to Strappity’s Founder, Shelli Styles. An entrepreneur with a giant heart, Styles grew up in Mexico working alongside her missionary parents, seeing first-hand the struggles of impoverished people. After visiting her husband?s sister in law in the destitute and brutal neighborhood of Siloe, Styles knew she needed to do more, and the idea for Strappity was formed.

Featuring a patent-pending adjustability technique, each Strappity product is made with sparkling, hand-blown, Czech glass beads ? the strongest glass in the world. Beads are round and smooth to provide all-day comfort against the skin, and are strong enough to hold up to a DD cup. Heavy nylon thread and metal (as opposed to plastic) hooks are used for additional strength as well. No elastic or polyurethane are used in any Strappity products – they are 100% JUNK FREE!

Designs range in color, some are single stranded & some double to accommodate more intricate designs. Colors range from black, blue, teal, red, lavender, pink and more – including pearlized white, silver & gold (great for brides!) Most recently, team-color straps to target a younger market have been introduced, and will be sold in bulk to accommodate large teams and groups.

Visit to see a full range of designs.

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  1. Thank you so much, Rachel. What a beautiful article. Thanks for using so many photos and for making us look so good.

    Shelli Styles-Gaviria


  2. Terry Turner says:

    I love the mission of strappity besides the beautiful and unique wearable art. Great opportunity to support something that makes a difference for the better in someone’s life and at the same time have something beautiful to wear or share by gifting a friend. I can’t say enough about this company and the good hearts of its founders.

    We had a “strappity party” awhile back in my home and it was a blast as it was a good mix of the generations who came together to see the beautiful wearable art, learn about the women and culture of those creating each piece and enjoy some “world beat music” and good food.
    Terry Turner

  3. L Allen says:

    This is such a great product that gives wonderful opprotunities to the women in Columbia. The designs are so pretty and unique too!

  4. Savannah says:

    Now I wonder how much the women making them get paid.
    Do they work all day and receive 14US? for a 30$ strap?

  5. Rachel says:

    You can read testimonials from the women about how the company has helped them here:

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