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Here at the Intimate Guide, we get a lot of questions around this time of year about thermal underwear.  Specifically, women’s thermal underwear.  To be honest, we’re in Florida and we don’t really think about it very often.  We also deal primarily in lingerie and thermal underwear is a little too functional for us.

The problem, of course, is that there are loads of places to find thermal underwear for men.  Most of it is just plain ugly.  It’s not made to fit a woman’s body and it certainly isn’t stylish.  We’ve done a lot of looking for our loyal readers and we’re proud to say that we’ve finally found a brand new site that specializes in women’s thermal underwear.  These folks have scoured the internet to find various thermal underwear that is specifically for women.  They’ve got traditional long johns (long janes) and various base layers for skiing, hiking and other athletic endeavors.  The site is separated into tops, bottoms and full length body suits.

If it’s getting cold where you live, check out

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