St. Patrick’s Day Lingerie

Who says that Valentine’s Day and Christmas should have all the fun?  There are plenty of things to wear for other holidays and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.  More than 34 million Americans claim Irish ancestry, and quite a few more become “Irish” on St. Patrick’s day.  With everyone drinking green beer, eating corned beef, dying their hair green and running amok in green clothing, doesn’t it make sense to be wearing green underwear? Of course it does, and now is the time to pick up some green undergarments for the big day.

For most of us, St. Patrick’s day isn’t one of those days you get to have off work. So, if you must hang out at the office all day, at least you have Spanx Tight-End’s to wear. They come in Bistro Green and will look great with that green mini you’ve been saving for St. Patrick’s Day. They will flatter you with the all-over body-shaping and extra tummy control Spanx is known for. And the built in Coolmax wicks sweat away from feet, if it’s spring where you are. You can also use them next Christmas when you dress up like an elf, so they really cover two holidays when you think about it.

If you’re just hanging out at home, hit the gym or local park and get your sweat on in green. This Champion Active Double dry tank will keep you cool and comfortable – perfect for intense work outs. Moisture-wicking fabric quickly evaporates sweat and the racerback styling looks great over your sports bra. You can certainly stave off some of those extra calories you’ll get from green beer at pubs that night!

For something a little more playful, there’s the St. Eve: Lace on Lace Thong. That’s something you don’t want to try to say after you’ve had too much Guinness, but these will work well with Miraclebody’s Katie Shaping Straight Leg Jeans in moss green you’ll undoubtedly be wearing around town that day.

Up top, I suggest the elegant Elle Macpherson Intimates Fly Butterfly underwire bra. It’s a bright Jazz green with cream lace trim. It’s available up to a 38G and built for girls who need support! Cups have light foam padding for subtle cleavage enhancement, there’s a low plunge center front and a leotard back provides superior support for that extra bit of sexiness that St. Patrick himself would have certainly appreciated.

My favorite green item this year is the Shirley of Hollywood pleated ribbon and satin corset. It’s very sexy and very green. The contrast black ruffled trim along the neckline and down the front, and boning throughout, slenderize your silhouette. Choose putting it on and taking it off using the hook and eye closure on left side or corset lace-up back. Comes with removable garters and matching low-rise thong with elastic string side making it the perfect gift set! (If you screwed up Valentine’s Day, redeem yourself now!)

Since St. Patrick’s day is coming up fast, you’ve got to take the time now to make sure your green underwear matches your Irish soul.  Enjoy the day with everyone else – even if you don’t really have any Irish heritage.  You wont get pinched… unless you want to!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Silly me, this year a lot of us will be off work for St. Patrick’s day…it’s Saturday!

  2. Claire Cook says:

    Needless to say, this is a fantastic idea! And as someone who never used to wear green anything, after discovering emerald colored underwear, I haven’t looked back! Way to promote this less traditional lingerie color! :D

  3. St. Patrick’s Day Lingerie- it’s a good idea!

  4. Claire Cook says:

    St Patricks Day Lingerie, that’s a concept I’ve never heard before. But I’m definitely all for it!

  5. No one ever believes me when I say i am wearing green underwear. Something sexy like this and I can show them!

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