Soak Lingerie Detergent – recap

I’ve had a lot of questions about the Soak lingerie wash from last week. Yes, I used it. No, you really DON’T have to rinse your items afterwards. Yes, you can still wear them and not get an infection after not rinsing because that’s how the product was designed.

As for how many loads/washes you can do… I used a little travel packet of soak, shown here:


And I washed 7 pairs of panties, shown here:


The Soak Wash 14 oz bottle lasts for up to 80 sink washes, but Soak can be used in the washing machine as well! That’s really all I know.

No, wait, I know one more thing. It smells great, and I really enjoy it. (Fine, that’s 2 things.)

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