Soak Fine Washables Detergent

soak lingerie detergentKeep the intimate pieces you love looking great with Soak! This is the only rinse-free detergent I have ever tried. Yep, you can soak your panties in Soak, even the scented lines, and there is no need to rinse them and cause fabric or elastic damage. It is biodegradable, dye-free and phosphate-free, so it’s gentle enough for washing your laciest lingerie, softest sweaters, hand-made items (do you knit?) or even baby clothes.

An exciting selection of yummy, contemporary scents are available, like citrus, flora and aqua, and you can get Scentless Soak too.

The Soak Wash 14 oz bottle lasts for up to 80 sink washes, but Soak can be used in the washing machine as well!

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