New Ambrielle bra & panties at jcpenney

Just in time for your floral-colored fashions, jcpenney is adding new pieces to the Ambrielle collection. I tried the Ambrielle Natural Shaping full coverage bra and matching no visible panty lines bikini in strawberry ice.

The Look on the hanger: The bra and panty looked like a classic, basic set that could fit in to any wardrobe. The lightly lined foam cups of the bra seemed great for Tshirts. The panty looked light and seamless. The new color, strawberry ice, is a bit more coral than pink, and coral is very in for spring/summer 2011, so I figured it would hide well under lots of clothes from that palette.

The Fit: The bra fit perfectly – just as expected in my size. No cups running over in front or back bulges near the band. I was surprised to find how well the color hid under brightly colored clothing – pink, orange, aqua – it was not limiting at all. When I first cut the tag off the bra, the underwire was squeaky. I washed the bra in a Berry Ball on delicate and then hung it on a line to dry. Every time I moved the bra I could hear the underwire squeak. I was so scared that when I put it on it would squeak all day, but once it was dry that first time, I’ve been able to wear it with no problem at all. Almost like it just needed a first, good soak. The straps are set wide in back, and have an extra hinging feature for mobility. I also like when the hook-eye area is lightly padded like this bra is, so when I lean back into a chair the bra is more comfortable. And BONUS: The center gore of the bra and top edge of the cups were just a little lower than expected so the whole bra hides well – even under my black dress that is built like a tank top. The panties also fit well, and their seamless construction left no tell-tale lines under my sundress or work pants. They did not rise up high enough to show near my waistband, but were high enough that I felt like I had some tummy coverage.

The Feel: This bra is a new wardrobe staple now. It is comfortable, and the wire doesn’t dig anywhere. It has a silky-soft finish that feels great. The padding is enough to hide everything, but not a push-up. The straps are a great width. I had some trouble with the panties, however. The nylon was quite warm. I’m going to put them at the bottom of my drawer and bring them back out for cooler temperatures.

Overall: Bra 10/10, Panties 6/10.I’m not surprised this bra is a People Style Watch.

At the time of this writing, this set was on sale for a great price. Find the bra now for under $17! Watch the JCP bra fit video here.

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  1. Anna says:

    I just got the lace boyshorts that go with this collection. I don’t usually like how I look in boyshorts, but these are awesome! They are light and the stretch in them is just perfect. They are a pretty watermelon pink color and I just love them.

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