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pilates for pinkToday we have a guest post by our friend Marnie who received a Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink DVD from Gaiam.

“I am not much of a work out at home kinda girl, but I have always enjoyed Pilates and decided to give The Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Slimdown a shot. After all, I could definitely use a slimdown, and part of the proceeds goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So it’s for a good cause, right?

The video offers 4 full length workouts, targeting different areas of the body, including: Cardio Burn, Flat Ab-Blast, Butt and Thigh Sculptor, and the Total Body Makeover. I would say the routines are at the beginner to intermediate level, nothing too awful or grueling, but they still have enough substance to make you feel like you have had a solid workout when you are done.

Many of the routines are filled with the Pilates standards, like ‘hundreds’ and ‘pelvic clock’, as well as some new and challenging sets. With Pilate,s it’s all about form, the exercises only work if you are doing them right. Sometimes trying to figure out just what my hard bodied video leader is actually doing, with my neck craned off the floor (and my mind wondering how come these athletes never seem to break a sweat) ends in me just going through the motions, and then feeling like I got no workout at all. So what is great about this video is that Mari, the sweet and relatable leader, acts more as an instructor than my workout buddy. She spends much of her time demonstrating exactly how to do each exercise by showing me using her fellow athletes as models. She does it all without being annoying (i.e. shouting out battle cries) or using silly catch phrases (cringe), making it easy for me to keep my form in check — allowing me to get a better workout!

One of the neatest things about the DVD is that it allows you to build custom routines, taking different exercises from each of the workouts and making your own unique workouts. Not only can you create a routine made up of only your favorite exercises, but it allows you to shake things up and have an assortment of routines so that you don’t get bored with the same workout time after time.

I would recommend this DVD to a friend for sure. I do believe that if I was to pop in Pilates for Pink several times a week, I might just “drop pounds and inches” like Mari promises. You can read an interview with her about losing weight from Pilates here. The rest, I guess, is up to me!

Note: The Pilates for Pink series also has a band workout DVD and Core Workout DVD.

Also from Gaiam comes a new Yoga product I know many of my friends will be excited about… the Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat! This is a yoga mat that has a built-in speaker for your MP3 player (find more information at https://www.netafit.org/certifications/personal-trainer/). The comfort, durability and stylish design you would expect from Gaiam. Latex-free – plus does not contain 6 of the most harmful phthalates. Mat rolls easily and fits in most standard mat bags at 24″ x 68″ x 4mm. You also have the option of downloading a free instructional yoga program from world renowned yoga expert Rodney Yee. This mat will be available in stores next week for under $50!

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