Lift your breasts without surgery!

We all have those friends who talk about a boob job all the time. They stand in front of the mirror and use both hands to place their breasts where they wish they were, then let go and let them fall, then palm the boobies and bring ‘em back up again. And frown.

Deep down we want to tell these people to love themselves, and know that gravity affects everyone in the entire world. But, because we are friends, we listen and nod and pretend their pain is valid.

And for that friend who thinks she needs a booby pick me up, we suggest checking out a video of a new breast lifting product on the market. No needles, no surgery, no big price tag. No kidding!

You can find them for sale on the Bring It Up website, here. If I get the chance to try them out, I’ll let you know first hand how they go!

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  1. kristy says:

    Those look really interesting, but I opted for the surgery instead!

  2. Mel E. says:

    These are great!

  3. Joy says:

    They irritated my skin :(

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