Best Valentines Day Promotion

We received a lot of emails from New Years till now featuring the finest in fiesty, flirty, sexy and fun lingerie, underwear and sleepwear for Valentine’s Day. But the Ginch Gonch “Heart-On” Collection email outdid them all.

To see this glittery emailed display of red, white and black, click here.

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for Fredricks of Hollywood deal update, I have to admit, it’s extremely tempting. Unfortunately at this current time of the ?recession?, I won?t be one to purchase any more lingerie for a while, I?ve had to think twice about how much I spend on sexy lingerie.

    Lets just hope my hubby buys me something nice for Valentines day, otherwise it?s going to be a miserable day for the both of us lol.

    Anyway, enough about me, great post Rachel.
    Please do continue to keep us posted on any deals you come across. I really appreciate it and I?m sure other readers do also.

    Louise x

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