What’s in your case?

What do Vanna White, Oprah’s make-up artist Reggie Wells, “CSI”, “Toddlers & Tiaras”, “Bridezillas”, “Big Bang Theory”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Ace of Cakes” and my bathroom have in common?

We all have Caboodles…

Now, I’m not talking about Kaboodles, my puppy, I’m talking about Caboodles – the carry-all, tote-along organizing tool.

Caboodles all started when Vanna White was pictured in People magazine using a Plano Molding tackle box as a cosmetic case. The picture prompted Plano Molding Company to create Caboodles, which are mainly produced in its Chicagoland manufacturing facility. A Caboodles organizer holds just about anything – from makeup to jewelry to art supplies and so much more. My kids use my Caboodle from the 80′s to hold their trading cards, and their newer, bigger Caboodle for their hair and face stuff when traveling or going to sleepovers. Everyone who sees it wants one! My niece even has a Caboodles Clear Acrylic Beauty Bazaar vanity organizer on her desk to keep her makeup away from her sisters.

The new 2011 Spring Caboodles cases include:

The colorful, patent Go Getter Caboodle - This case has an open interior to fit your body products and makeup, a mirror in the lid for a last minute look, and sturdy walls to keep it all safe.  In keeping with Spring’s bright color trend, the new Go Getter comes in pink, lime, yellow, and purple. And I think black too. Measures 7″ L x 4.5″ W x 5.75″ H with a suggested retail price of $9.99, it’s an affordable, easy way to stay organized on the go.

The Envy IT Bag - This chic bag looks like a purse but doubles as a make-up organizer. Made from sleek, black cloth, it opens to a voluminous interior with smartly placed inner pockets and elastic band storage to keep all your products and brushes in place. Keys, iPhone, lipstick…there’s truly room for it all.  Measures 12″ L x 7.5″ W x 6.75″ H and suggested retail price of $19.99.

The new quilted Rock Star Grande Train Case – The ultimate travel companion for the woman on the go, this case will help you say Bon voyage! to bad makeup organization.. You’ll be rockin’ your best look when you use this show stopping quilted case with 4 auto-open trays with enough room for your jewelry, cosmetics, hair accessories and everything in between! Retails at $19.99 and measures 9.5″ L x 6.5″ W x 7.625″ H.

You can find Caboodles in the US at Walmart (and online), Target (an online), Kmart, ULTA, Meijer, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Duane Reade, Fred Meyer, Rite Aid or Harmon Drug.

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  1. Elizebeth says:

    Aww I hope they dont bcesuae my cousin absolutley adores there stuff , I have heard that skincare/makeup companies sometimes make rumors like this to increase sales…References :

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