Wet weather hair/makeup tips

The celebrities at this week’s Golden Globe awards looked impeccable despite the rain. However, most women don’t have a team of professional hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists to maintain their look – or a hot guy in a tux to hold their umbrella when it rains. Celebrity makeup artist Christopher Drummond and hairstylist Philip Pelusi offer tips on weathering the storm during a special event:

Makeup tips from Christopher Drummond

If it is raining the day of a special event, stay away from liquid foundation which has a tendency to “melt” and not last as long. Wear a little more makeup than you normally would for all products knowing that some will come off due to bad weather. Be sure to start by adding layers to your foundation. Use water resistant products, such as Christopher Drummond Beauty products (Veludo Velvet Foundation and Finale Finishing Powder).

It just so happens I use Christopher Drummond Veludo Velvet power foundation and bronzer, and we had a rainy week in Florida last week. If I got wet going to and from my car, some makeup would rub off on my cell phone, but overall everything lasted great. I love that the foundation is all natural, organic-based and vegan. It also comes in many great skin tone shades. They say it “It minimizes redness, evens out discoloration, and adds great coverage” and it truly does!

Hair Tips from Philip Pelusi:

Check the weather report a few days in advance so you can plan to wear your hair up or down. If rain is in the forecast, plan ahead to wear your hair either all up, or half up and half down.

Pulling hair into an updo or half upsweep is the best strategy to stay looking good in wet conditions because hair is already curled, pinned and sprayed in place. It is also easier to keep an updo dry under an umbrella.

You should always bring a small emergency kit in your purse to a special event with a few hair pins, a ponytail holder and a small purse size hair spray in case you are caught by surprise. If hair gets wet, go for a quick style change. Pull hair back into the ponytail and wrap hair around the ponytail holder and secure into place with the hair pins. Mist with spray.

Got CUrls?

“Actress Rose Bryne definitely wins the best curl award,” says Michelle Breyer, co-founder of NaturallyCurly.com. “Her delicate waves were classic with a modern twist.”

Other favorites from the night include Zoe Saldana, Evangeline Lilly, Drew Barrymore, Samantha Harris and Renee Zellweger.
Want to achieve similar curls yourself? Try NaturallyCurly.com’s Curl Junkie Curl Enhancing Spray to activates sexy, sultry curls or Curl Friends Seduce Pomade to keep your hair silky smooth and eliminates frizz.

For my curls, while my hair is mostly damp I combine White Sands Glaze Plus (an alcohol-free styling product with a gel feel and mousse-like performance for volume and medium hold) with a dot of White Sands Smudge (a water-based, weightless styling and finishing product), and work it through my hair from top to bottom, finishing with scrunching from underneath. Then I blow dry with high heat but low air using the diffuser attachment on my hairdryer.

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