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Essential Bodywear, the national direct sales bra company with products ranging in size from 32A to 44H, launched a limited-edition line of lacy undergarments to accompany its already-successful lines of comfortable and supportive bras, panties and shapewear.

“Women love Essential Bodywear everyday bras because they fit so beautifully and give them such amazing lift, but we knew there was a market for a sassy and sexy bra that could also do a great job,” explained Essential Bodywear President Marcia Cubitt.

“Our Medallion line now has a Laced Abbie and Laced Lauren bra, both of which have exquisite black lace over buff molded cups. They’re still the same stay-put straps and support and lift you would expect from us, but in a Saturday night version.”

Cubitt said the limited-edition line, which also includes matching panties, was flying off factory shelves since the launch this fall, and would likely only be available until the spring. Future plans now include other limited-edition products, such as embroidered and multi-colored underwear.

“We hear all the time from women who tell us we can’t fit them,” said Cubitt. “What we say is that no bust is too big or too small, and we can fit them all. And now we can give women a bra that’s girly-girl pretty but still does the job it is meant to do,” she says of their new lace collection.

Essential Bodywear sells its products through over 450 direct sales representatives in 48 states – like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef. Their team of “Bra Ladies” educates women through home parties, where women receive expert help and are fit in the perfect size bras.

Family Circle magazine recently highlighted an Essential Bodywear Bra Lady in a feature about part-time direct sales jobs where women made substantial incomes. Carrie Steuer was one of 4 women featured in “How 4 Moms Made Money from Direct Sales”. Steuer has reportedly been selling shapewear with Essential Bodywear since 2005, and earns $69,000 per year working 25 to 35 hours a week.

Millie Heinz, a Bra Lady for Essential Bodywear who travels all over southeast Michigan to fit and sell bras, says that 85% of the women she measures are wearing the wrong size bra. “A woman’s breasts should be closer to her face than her waist, but so many women wear bras that just don’t give them that lift. Around 80% of the support needs to come from the back band, and Essential Bodywear’s products are designed to do exactly that,” she said. You can see for yourself on their site in the Before and After section. Make your silhouette perfect and become an AFTER today!

Cubitt says reps are trained by the “upline” (Bra Ladies who have been with the company for some time and who are ready to train new reps) and become a certified bra fitter by completing 100 fittings. There is a bra fit certification program they can choose to go through with Essential Bodywear, and they also watch a video outlining training fit tips.

Essential Bodywear, which is headquartered in Commerce, Michigan, was started by two stay-at-home mothers 8 years ago and has now grown into the largest direct sales bra company in the United States, grossing $4 million annually. Consultants earn 25 to 37 percent of sales and 4 to 9 percent of the sales of the representatives they recruit, depending on total individual and team sales.

Read more about Essential Bodywear: Glamour Magazine’s blog – A Tupperware Parties for Bras. Admit It, You’re Intrigued (I know I am!)
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