Alice is the new black

Premiering in theaters nationwide today, “Alice in Wonderland” is definitely the new black – from Nail Polish colors to Messenger Bags to even lingerie!  Fall down your own rabbit hole and immerse yourself in a fantasy world filled with intricate detailing, playful colors, classic European shapes and feminine charm in Carol Malony’s fun, flattering collections.


If you like Alice’s gentle Victorian appeal, try Carol Malony’s Jest for You bustier ($188) in white. Gingham patterned white chiffon with lace detailing and a detachable baby blue satin ribbon. Or go for a colorful twist that’s as Mad as a Hatter in the colorful diamond version.
carol-malony-cama01-2047-04-gvMimic serene, royal style with Carol Malony’s Twinkle babydoll and panty ($143 and $37).  Featuring embellished crystals, boning and frilly tulle. Twinkle bra also available.


Get the hearts of the Red Queen in Carol Malony’s Heartbreaker bra and panty ($58 and $30).  This red and pink combo features perfectly placed heart embellishments.

mariboupantyGoing bunny? Don’t be late! Try this Powder Puff bra and panty set right away! The maribou-trim bra has molded, underwire cups for support and shape. Diamond-patterned quilted stitching and removable maribou powder puff on each cup ties on with satin bow. Ruffle trim along the base of the bra adds a flirty touch. Goldtone metal hardware for a classy touch. Panty has lace-up corset back with satin ribbon at center back and removable maribou powder puff.

Whether your fashion sense is as innocent as Alice, or if you are more of a Red Queen, check out these wonderland-inspired designs from lingerie connoisseur Carol Malony.

Read about Alice in Wonderland movie costume creations in this article: Helena Bonham Carter Wears a Three-Pound Wig in Alice in Wonderland, and be sure to watch Johnny Depp’s wig throughout the film as it reveals his thoughts and emotions. Aren’t you glad your hair doesn’t do that?! Read an interview with Wonderland costume designer Colleen Atwood and view photos from Alice in Wonderland, The Touring Exhibition.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Love the Alice-inspired ideas… we all love a little fantasy and you’ve chosen some beautiful, fun and flirty pieces. Thank you.

    I also wanted to share news of and Alice-themed competition on the “Small bust, big heart” blog. The prize is a gorgeous set of Lailides lingerie. All you need to do to enter is suggest a caption for a picture of Anne Hathaway as the White Queen. Anyone that’s interested, please check out:

    Best wishes,

  2. Holly says:

    Love the article and love the site. I just came across the site and have been stuck here for the last hour. :)
    Keep up the great work!!

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