Catching Up with Pippie Flanagan

Just before the New Year, we caught up with Pippie Flanagan to talk about her latest project.  Many of you will remember our late summer interview with Pippie following the launch of  Since then, she’s been working hard and has just launched a new site for women seeking a plus size bra.

IG: After our last conversation, we were expecting a lot of improvements to, but instead you’re launching a completely different website.  What’s going on?

PF: I think I surprised myself there too.  This idea just came to me and we started developing it and here it is!  I do regret not getting to some of the things I was hoping to do with, but I really think that is a much needed site.

IG: How did it come about?

PF: Shortly after launching, I was answering bra related questions at Yahoo! answers and found that a lot of the questions were from larger ladies.  In fact, there were so many questions specifically related to plus-sized strapless bras that I wrote an article on the subject.  The feedback I received from the article as well of some of my own observations in the stores led me to believe that a lot of plus-size women were shopping online for bras.  I did a little research and found that it’s true.

IG:  Do you think that plus-size women shop online more than average sized women?

PF: Absolutely.  I think it’s mainly because it’s hard to find plus-size bras in the store.  Most stores have only so much shelf space and they understandably use it to stock the best sellers.  Those are going to be the most popular sizes.  The beauty of the internet is that there’s no limit on shelf space.  That overhead doesn’t exist so there’s a wider range of sizes available online compared to what you’d find at the mall or even a specialty store.

IG: But you’re not selling bras, correct?

PF:  That’s right.  We’re more of a gateway, much like the shopping section of the Intimate Guide.  One of the big problems with shopping for bras online is finding the right size.  There’s nothing more frustrating than browsing through a bunch of bras, finding one you like, then finding out it’s not offered in your size.  It’s even more frustrating for women with rare bra sizes.  We’re compiling an up to date reference of pricing for various bras available online.  Best of all, women can shop specifically by bra size so they know all the bras they’re looking at are available in their sizes.

IG: And you do this out of the goodness of your heart?

PF: Ha. Ha.  Not quite.  We receive a commission for sales that originate at the website.  Currently, we have relationships with Bare Necessities and HerRoom.  We’re actively working with other online merchants to get at least weekly updates on size availability.  That’s the difficult part, but it’s absolutely key to what we’re trying to accomplish at  As we work with more merchants, visitors to the site will have a much wider selection and will also be able to easily compare prices on items that overlap several merchants.

IG:  So, what’s next?

PF: Well, I would look to expand as I indicated last summer.  I’d like to add consumer reviews to both sites as well.  That should keep me busy for a while, but you never know when another idea will strike.

IG:  We’re looking forward to seeing what that new idea will be.

PF: Me too.  Ha. Ha. Ha.

IG: It’s always fun talking to you, Pippie.  Good luck with your new site.

PF: Thanks!

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  1. Mimi says:

    if we have a favorite plus sized bra, how can we send a review to Pippie?

  2. Alexander says:

    thanks to your advice on these sites I see so much cute clothes and it’s so affordable I’m ready to just embrace who/what I am now. I’m actually excited about my next round of online shopping!

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