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Have you tried the Barre fitness craze? I have… Last year I did a barre challenge called “24/7″ wherein I had 24 days in the month of January I had to take barre fitness class and I got 7 days off. In the end, I took about 3 inches off my body!

When I received an email about Nude Barre, I thought it was going to be the new naked fitness thing, like nude yoga was two years ago.

Luckily, it’s NOT.

Nude Barre is a specialty line of eco-friendly hosiery and undergarments made in 16 shades of nude to match all women’s skin tones. Most of the products contain wicking and antibacterial fibers, so that the garments are functional, comfortable, and feminine at the same time.


Nude Barre was created by professional dancer Erin Carpenter, who would often run into trouble when shopping for nude color tights. She couldn’t find the right color to  match her skin tone.

On the site, you’ll find adult tights, kids tights, crystallized tights, a seamless tanga thong and a convertible bra. There’s definitely room for growth – photos show other products that might be coming on the web home page, and the bra only comes in sizes small/medium and large/x-large. I also noticed that childrens’ tights come in one size, and I’ve raised two little girls who took ballet, and certainly did not wear the same size tights for 5 years.

We asked owner Erin Carpenter about the HD line noted on some of her tights. As a former dancer, and as the mother of a teen daughter who dances, I know the horrors of putting on tights with a leotard only to see a thick band near the top of each thigh that glares out at the audience. Under a typical dress or skirt, this line doesn’t matter at all. Nude Barre has tights both with and without an HD line. Why?

“Honestly, it is cheaper to make the tights with the line. Manufactures use the HD line to determine the length of the tights legs. It allows them to make the hosiery more precise and with less labor time. I understand her daughter’s pain because I have had the same dilemma as a dancer. And often it is not specified when buying tights, so you do not know until you purchase unless you are buying from a dance store. I make the ones with the HD line because half of my customers are not dancers and do not care about the line and would rather pay for the cheaper pair.”

Luckily, they also have the tights without the HD line for those who require a sheer to waist look.

“My goal is always to make good products at various and reasonable price points,” Erin noted.

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