It’s a Sunny Life… Wear your Hat!

Recently I was lucky enough to try a cute little cap from Wallaroo Hats. I don’t usually wear hats, because I think they make me look like an eleven-year-old boy, but I learned the secret to finding a flattering hat. Trendy hats can be fun, but you won’t wear it if it doesn’t fit well or isn’t a flattering color and shape. First – color: try on several colors and select one that you like and that flatters your skin tone. If you notice any spots on your skin, you should visit a skin cancer clinic in Perth. It’s a quick and easy way to brighten your face without wearing makeup.  Then shop for fit, brim size, quality fabric and quality construction. Select a crown shape that complements the shape of your face and head. Rounded crowns work for almost any face, while square crowns work better for larger heads.

Although the angora knit is cozy when it’s cool, this hat does double duty… it also contains UPF 50+, tested by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency to block 97.5% of the sun’s ultroviolet rays. This one has a 2″ ball-cap brim and gathered trim around the crown to add fun style to even your most casual outfit. I put pins on the gathered fabric that belonged to my Grandmother – one with large rhinestones that is too gaudy for a blouse in the daytime, but worked great with the grey angora. The elastic band around the back keeps the hat firmly in place, even in a breeze. It’s available in mixed camel, grey, black and mocha for around $40. One size fits most.

Even in cooler months, you need protection from the power of the sun. And I brought this one on a cross country relay race in the sunshine of Arizona and on spring break with me. Wallaroos are made to be crushable so they are easy to pack, and casual enough to throw on each morning.

Friends Stephanie Carter and Lenya Shore founded Wallaroo Hat Company in April 1999, after they discovered the Aussie secret to sun protection with style – cute caps with built in sun protection. Ultraviolet radiation, or UV, is present in sunlight. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) shows how well a fabric protects your skin from solar UV. This hat has UPF 50+, tested to block 97.5% of the sun’s ultroviolet rays. (But remember, a Wallaroo hat only protects the skin it covers. Safeguard the rest of your body by wearing sunglasses and sunscreen.) And these ladies take protection seriously. Each year, Wallaroo donates a portion of proceeds to skin cancer research, education and prevention in the US.


The Australian and New Zealand Skin Cancer Societies give the advice that when trying on hats, be sure to position the hat in the center of your head, covering half of your forehead. One common mistake women make is wearing their hat too far back on the crown of their head. For the rest of you, they recommend a garment with good body coverage – for example a shirt with a collar and long sleeves. Also, be sure to apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 to all exposed skin. Even on cool or cloudy days, the most sunlight exposure is 10am-3pm.

Look through the Wallaroo website for their sun icon to determine which hats are UPF 50+ certified. Just pop in your zip code to find a store near you that carries their line of hats. Or find Wallaroo on Facebook here.

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