Lejaby Follement Sage Collection

Lejaby Follement Sage Collection“Madly Wise”

That’s what “Follement Sage” means. But I ask, “What does that mean?”. If I say I’m madly in love with you, it means that I’m really, really in love with you. So, if I say I’m madly wise, does it mean that I’m really friggin’ wise? If so, does that mean that wearing anything from this Lejaby collection makes you a full fledged Socratic vixen? Maybe it’s just that when you wear these lovely pieces, you’ll dumbfound everyone around you so you’ll just seem wiser by comparison. Perhaps we should ask the pictured model.

Lejaby Follement Sage Demi braIn any case, Follement Sage is a lovely collection worthy of Frilly Friday attention. It consists of a full coverage bra, a demi cup bra, a brief and a thong. It’s available in black and vanilla, which is just a fancy way of saying “white”. The vanilla version is the exact opposite of the black version, so for example, the vanilla bras have white cups with black straps while the black bras have black cups with white straps.

Make sense? I feel wiser already.


Lejaby Follement Sage BriefAs the name implies, the full coverage bra (above right) has full underwire cups made from sheer mesh with cut-out Broderie Anglaise. Pleated ribbons decorate the picot trimmed straps of this and the demi cup bra. The demi bra (above left) is also composed of sheer mesh, but this time a cut out floral design adds interest.

The front of the Follement Sage brief (right) is composed of sheer mesh, decorated with Broderie Anglaise. The edges of the waist and thigh are trimmed with a tiny picot pattern. The brief offers full coverage in the rear. The thong (top right) is also decorated with the Broderie Anglaise effect, this time in a wide, sheer mesh band. It’s adorned with small ribbon bows below the hips and offers minimal coverage in the rear.

You may not be wiser while wearing the Follement Sage collection from Lejaby, but you sure will look good. Any enhancement you experience in your judgment and decision making skills is just icing on the cake.

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