Freya Jessica

Freya Jessica SetIt may be a bit early for this. After all, we’re even mired in a bit of a cold spell down here in Florida, but bare with us on this. There’s often a time in a guy’s life when he’s spent all winter bumming around with the neighborhood girl. They’ve had fun. They’ve thrown snowballs at each other. He really likes her, and she probably likes him a little more than he knows.

Then springtime rolls around and she shows up on his front porch wearing a bright sundress instead of her bulky coat and boots. Suddenly he begins to feel what she’s probably been feeling the whole time. It’s an exciting moment for both of them. Most people have experienced that same thing. Let’s call it the “Oh my god, I’m in love” moment. Whether the relationship turned out well or not in the end is immaterial. There are few things that are better than the first glimpse of love. It’s like the first day of summer vacation. The possibilities are endless.

That’s the feeling that the Freya Jessica set gives us. It’s fun at first glance. It’s got that country girl next store kind of look. The more you look at it, the more you realize how sexy it is. The cups of the bra have a split personality. The bottom half is a fun polka dot pattern but the top half is made of sexy semi-sheer fabric decorated with lovely floral embroidery. The matching brief echos this dual personality with a polka dot front panel and semi-sheer floral embroidery creeping up the sides.

This Freya Jessica set is made for fuller figured women with sizes starting at 30D and going up to 40I. It’s incredibly lovely, but it’s not just Frilly. It’s supportive and comfortable for all day wear. We know that kind of breaks our Frilly Friday rules but lingerie should be soft – not hard. So in that spirit, we like to bend the rules sometimes. Happy Friday!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love that set, and I totally love your description of it!

  2. Sabb says:

    Is there any betetr story to introduce a sweet and innocent but still sexy underwear like this… love it – both your story and the lingerie!

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