Boudoir Leavers Lace Set

Boudoir Leavers Lace SetIn the land of lingerie, it is often said that “less is more”.  That’s not always true, though.  In the case of this lovely set, it seems that “more is less”….or rather “more is more”…or whatever – we’re still trying to find a flight to the land of lingerie, but nobody seems to know where the heck it is.

The Boudoir Leavers Lace set takes the traditional bra and panty set and turns it on its heel with the addition of extra fabric.  Certainly, the French Knicker style of panty has enjoyed a well deserved resurgance in popularity over the last few years, but Boudoir has taken the concept a step further by adding lace sleeves to the bra.   Lest you complain that this is highly impractical, the designers thought to make the sleeves removable, so you can actually wear their lovely bra somewhere other than the bedroom!

Both pieces are made from luxurious silk and lace.  The contour underwire bra is lightly padded, providing a small amount of lift.  A keyhole brings an added amount of sexiness to the center gore.  The sleeves attach via an interesting button detail.  The French Knicker features a wide waistband, an inticate lace pattern on the front and a solid rear.

The Boudoir Leavers Lace set provides a fantastic addition to your boudoir for the spring.  Happy Friday!

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