Aubade Jardin D’Iris Collection

Aubade Jardin D?Iris three quarter cup braEven for people who don’t know any French (like me), it’s not too difficult to figure out that “Jardin D’Iris” means “Iris Garden”. Aubade’s Jardin D’Iris collection is so named because the embroidery on each elegant piece is inspired by these showy flowers.

The collection consists of several pieces: a demi bra, a tanga panty, an Italian brief, a shorty, a plunge bra and a 3/4 cup bra. Each piece is constructed of exquisite sheer mesh lace that is adorned by classic, detailed iris shaped embroidery. On the practical side, the Aubade Jardin D’Iris collection is available in a fairly wide range of sizes.

The Jardin D’Iris three quarter cup bra (above right) is designed with semi-sheer cups. The floral iris pattern covers the cups and continues all the way around the band. The floral pattern also continues up the straps, which then split for an added touch of detail. The demi bra cups are constructed of a double layer mesh. The pattern continues all the way around the band. The straps of both bras are adjustable and both come in sizes ranging from 32A to 38E.

Aubade Jardin D?Iris Tanga PantyThe Aubade Jardin D’Iris tanga panty (left) is constructed of a sheer mesh upper with an iris inspired floral lace that continues to the rear. It features a low 5 1/2 inch rise. The shorty features a semi-sheer mesh upper with a sheer mesh lower and a scalloped thigh. Like the other pieces, the shorty is covered with a floral lace embroidery. The Italian brief is designed with a semi-sheer front and a sheer floral embroidered rear. All of the Jardin D’Iris panties are available in extra small to extra large.

The Aubade Jardin D’Iris collection is a very elegant, sexy collection. The use of sheer mesh and semi-sheer mesh is presumptuous without being too bold. The entire collection gives a tantalizing hint of what lies underneath without blatantly showing it off. Although it is frilly, the Aubade Jardin D’Iris collection may just be comfortable enough to wear all day.

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