The Bra – 100 years old!

As MSNBC celebrates the history of the bra, they also detail parts of the history of the bra industry.

Movie and ad clips feature Function, Fashion and Fantasy. But the best parts of the segment come from NYC’s “The Bra Lady” Linda Becker. She helps women find the RIGHT size bra and feels that is her mission in life.

Her best tip? “Down in the Back, Up in the Cup!”

Most women wear a band size that is too large, so instead of their bra strap going straight across their back, it swoops up in back to their shoulder blades. If you stand sideways in front of a mirror this is easy to catch. And ‘up in the cup’ obviously refers to keeping ‘the girls’ high and dry!

She also reminds us to rest the elastic of our bras by not wearing the same bra 2 days in a row. This causes the elastic to stretch out too quickly, leaving some bras to last only 6-8 months.

My favorite piece of bra history is also mentioned in this clip. Did you know that during the famous 1969 Miss America Protest, no bras were actually burned?

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