Boobquake 2010

Why Boobquake?

To test the theory that immodestly dressed women do NOT cause earthquakes, women from around the world joined together today to wear low cut tops and other immodest garb.

Did you Boobquake?

I wore a low cut aqua sundress. And I have yet to feel a tremor.

Boobquake was the brainchild of Jen McCreight, blogger at Blag Hag. There is a Twitter feed to follow and quite a few Facebook pages to fan/like/join. Read the original blog post that started it all here.

And for the Intimate Guide 2 cents of the day, we have a message for Jen:
Honey, we’ve seen your picture. You are not a D-cup. You are larger dear, and you need to be properly measured before you stretch out your bouncy breast tissue by wearing poorly fitting bras, and end up with droopy boobies to your navel.

Enjoy your Boobquake, shake ‘em baby!

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