Cornell fashion show 2010

Photo by Mark Vorreuter, College of Human Ecology

This past Saturday, the Cornell Design League held its 26th annual student-run fashion show.

The Cornell Design League was formed to give Cornell students a chance to express their creativity outside of the classroom by producing a fashion show every spring. Cornell offers the only fashion design program in the Ivy League, and the only PhD in apparel design in the USA.

More than 200 original designs from 70 student designers were shown, including 25 full-line collections.

“You’re completely in charge of sourcing all your fabrics and accessories. It’s a lot to manage when creating 10 separate looks, and you’re doing it all yourself,” said Samantha Krotz, FSAD ’10, who was responsible for coordinating the publicity for the show.

Nicole Castelli, FSAD ’10, described her collection as having a Native American feel from the fabric she chose to use. “A great print fabric inspired the colors for my line.”

For the first time a high school competition was added. Sarah Song, a student at Tappan Zee High School in Orangeburg, N.Y., won the first High School Fashion Design Award from the fashion design program in the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design (FSAD). The competition, judged by a panel of FSAD faculty and alumnae, attracted entries from more than 200 high schoolers nationwide.

Maylian Luo models Sarah Song’s Design

“We were amazed by the imagination, the creativity and the skill that we saw in the entries overall, and deciding on just a few winners was a very difficult task,” said Susan Ashdown, a Professor in FSAD.

News from the show: A story on functional apparel, including a collaboration between a senior designer and fiber scientist Professor Juan Hinestroza’s nanotech cotton application that produced a jacket/dress with ultrathin solar panels sewn into fully conductive cotton, can be found here. (Flickr photos)

Also, see flowery, matching shoes on one student-designer’s blog.

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  1. Tracey says:

    This dress, a collaboration between Abbey Liebman, a senior at Cornell, and Juan Hinestroza, is featured in a reuters video:

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