Halloween Costume – Dead Geisha

Last night was my first costume party of the season. It was not a Halloween party, though, it was a Day of the Dead party. I already had my Ginger Geisha Costume costume from Sexycostumes.com, but thought maybe a sugar skull or zombie attire would be more appropriate for Day of the Dead. I decided to combine the two – and be a Geisha Goner / Dead Geisha.

A little background… I ordered the Ginger Geisha Costume costume from Sexycostumes.com because I thought it would be age appropriate for me, not too hot for Florida, not too short to sit in, and would go well with my dark hair (no Geisha wig needed for me!) I’ve also wanted to learn to make some sort of Asian eye using makeup, so I viewed Halloween as an opportunity.

Don't worry, the wrinkles came out!

When my costume first arrived, it was a wrinkled mess. I was scared that it would never look as pretty as it does in the photo. The packaging and tag both say “Do Not Iron”. I guess inexpensive satins might melt from heat. But I knew I had to test it out for YOU guys, and I wanted to wear the costume and could not in its current condition.

I decided to put my iron on LOW (it actually had a low polyester setting), and put a washcloth between the dress and the iron. It worked great! Then I got a bit daring and tried ironing without the washcloth in between. Still worked great! Even on the tricky pleats! In 5 minutes the costume looked just like the photo and I was so excited!

I ordered a large. I am a dress size 6 and a cup size D with a 30″ waist, so I never know what size to get and rely heavily on online size charts. For this costume i bought a large and I am glad I did. The bodice (rib and tummy area) hugs me perfectly. The hip and butt area is actually roomy. If I were a stickler, I’d have the hip part taken in a couple inches, but for a costume I don’t worry about that stuff. And actually, when I was getting opinions from friends just by pulling back the fabric, they said to leave it as-is.

One of the accessories shown on the site is an Asian Flower umbrella, but if you’re going to carry something around to complete this look and not have it bug you, I recommend an Asian fan instead. It will easily dangle from your wrist or hide in your purse if you are eating or just don’t want your hands full.

If you like this look but prefer purple, the site also has this gorgeous sexy glam geisha costume. I love the color!

Geisha makeup calls for red eyeshadow and a pale face. There is a kit sold on the site you can use. Since I am going to a Day of the Dead party, I’m going to make a dead Geisha look – and I actually found a tutorial on Youtube to help with that!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later. Thanks!

I did not use the orange or the rhinestones.  And I don’t have a bullring in my nose. I left off the eyelashes because I figured dead people don’t have a lot of eyelash going on. (There is also a modern Geisha look here, and here. I got some more contouring dead cheek tips from this video. You can also add some sugar skull dead lips like these. Or if you go total sugar skull, check out these FINGERNAILS here! LOVE!)

Not sure what you can and can’t get away with this Halloween? Check out these Halloween costume do’s and don’ts with photos from Glamour Magazine.

My Finished Look:

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  1. it looks cute, shame i didn’t use it this year :(

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