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Though you might associate costumes with Halloween, we find that more and more people are hosting themed parties that require costumes. We also recommend costumes as a fun way to feel NOT yourself while out on a date or in the bedroom. To psychologically remove yourself from the equation leaves you with less responsibility and a greater ability to just let go.

Before I start sounding too much like my Yoga teacher, let me tell you about the costumes I’ve tried lately. Some were great, some needed to be ‘doctored up’, and some weren’t really costumes at all…

1. I was on a team for a crazy race in Arizona. While many people dressed as cacti or with cactus hats and sunglasses, I wanted to blend in with all the green but still stand out. I opted for this Sexy Shooter costume. I was able to pull this right out of the costume bag and wear it immediately. No touching-up needed.

The dress has a little stretch and fits true-to-size. It is slinky and comfortable. It was a little longer than I expected – which is a good thing. I didn’t want to have to wear shorts underneath. I did wear a red cami underneath – it’s very low cut, and does not come with the models set of inflated double-G’s. The tie in front is decorative and does not allow you to adjust the neckline.

The sombrero is large and shaded the sun from my face, but not so big that I couldn’t travel with it. Most of the time I didn’t wear the belt simply because we were jumping in and out of a vehicle and it was bouncing around. What really made the dress adorable was the red pom-pom trim! There is a men’s version of this costume if you want to dress as a matched couple, but his won’t have this cute trim in the sleeves and hemline. It really adds a fun, feminine touch and kept the dress from looking ordinary.

2. The same month, I was invited to an ’80s prom themed 40th birthday party. When I think about ladies from the ’80s, I think of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper first. Then Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Blondie and Pat Benetar. And finally, the character from Flashdance with the sweatshirt off her shoulder. I figured there would be a lot of Madonnas and a lot of Flashdance ladies at this party, because those are easy costumes to throw together. I decided to go with this Punk Rock Costume.

I should have known better from the photo… usually clothing that has a specific place for boobs to go doesn’t fit my D-cups. If there is a horizontal bust line, or cup-like stitching, I usually avoid it. If you look closely at this photo, there are pink polka-dotted “cups” on this dress, and they were way too small for me. Maybe B-cup size. And the layers of netting that make up the skirt were actually see-through, which may have worked with solid leggings underneath, but this came with fishnet leggings.

In the end, every accessory that came with the dress worked great for me, but the dress itself did not. I used the hair bow, fingerless gloves, lace-trimmed fishnet leggings, chain belt and necklace. I wore a black lace skirt over, and  a hot pink tshirt with the neckline cut off to hang off one shoulder. My sister-in-law also had an old, boxy jean jacket with embroidery that she had saved – so I wore that part of the evening. I had my friendship bracelets and black jelly bracelets from junior high stacked on. And my eye makeup was a big hit – don’t forget the 2 colors of vertical eyeshadow!

One thing that shocked me at this party was that so many men came with wigs! Usually guys don’t seem to get into themes, but we had mullets, Axl and Slash, Whitesnake and the Nelson twins. No one came in a Michael Jackson costume. Is it too soon to rock the curly wig and sequin glove? (I actually saw a couple of women the next weekend as Axl and Slash running a half marathon!) If I had it to do again, I might opt for Rainbow Brite. And if I had to bring my little one, I’d dress her as Punky Brewster!

The one woman who rocked the house, at least according to me, was the 45 year old who fit in to and wore her actual junior prom dress, teal puffed sleeves and all!

3. My niece had an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party last year. The movie had just come out, and it was very popular. I think we had red queen cupcakes or something – most of the people there were 12. Anyway, while there my daughter saw the Mad Hatter hat someone had one, and then saw it again in the movie, and then saw it again at Disney World. She really wanted one. I tried to get away with making one, but that didn’t cut it. So when I saw this one on sale I snatched it up for her. It had the real Alice in Wonderland tag hanging off of it, which she liked, and it was adjustable in the back, which I liked. The one at Disney World had the wig attached, and I figured if she wears this trick-or-treating she’ll be able to see much better without the attached wig. We also found a vest from an Avril Lavigne clothing line that was inspired by Alice in Wonderland at a resale shop. It doesn’t scream Alice, so she can wear it with black jeans and a Tshirt too.

4. Last but not least, my accidental pin-up costume… My pale skin and dark, curly hair often lends itself to a retro/’50s vibe. These days, it has become more and more mainstream to dress like someone from years past, and it’s so much more fun with retro shapewear, nighties and wiggle skirts. I bought these jammies, not because they seemed retro at all, but because the weather where I live in Florida often lends itself to long sleeves and shorts. Especially after a day at the beach. Your skin is still warm from being in the sun all day, but the A/C starts to give you a chill, so long sleeves are cozy, but shorts keep you from overheating. When I saw this cherry print satin shorts and long-sleeve shirt pajama set, I knew it would be perfect for me! And I LOVE it! And my husband thinks it’s adorable too. And it goes great with some loose waves and red lipstick! It sort of became costume-y accidentally. You can dream up the rest!

What I found while poking around the website I purchased these items from, The Sexy Lingerie Shop, is that you can find things much easier when searching for one specific word than from using their menu. “Punk” and “Hatter” gave me great results and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I also got some fun lingerie, but details on that will have to wait for another time…

(The Sexy Lingerie Shop provided a gift card for this article, but the items purchased and opinions are my own.)



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  1. Lucy Brown says:

    Wow, very thorough and informative post.
    I know where I need to come if I want fancy dress ideas!

  2. Omgosh! I love these themed outfits. so cute!

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