50th anniversary of the Playboy Bunny

bunnyThis year marks the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Clubs and Playboy Bunnies. To celebrate the occasion, the iconic Playboy Bunny Costume is available to the public for the first time ever!

Playboy’s limited-edition Bunny Inspired Lingerie Set includes a sexy corset (with underwire and foam-lind cups, and ribbon tie back), bow tie collar, wrist cuffs, Bunny Ears, boyshorts panties and, of course, the Bunny tail!

The original Bunny Costume was created for female staff at the first Playboy Club in Chicago, which opened to the public on February 29, 1960. What was once a modified one-piece swimsuit has been worn by more than 25,000 working Playboy Bunnies over the years. The Bunny Costume, recognizable for its satin bodice, cotton tail and rabbit ears, went on to become the first uniform to be issued a trademark registration by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Before they launched their careers, actresses Lauren Hutton, Julie Cobb, Lynne Moody, Sherilyn Fenn, Susan Sullivan, Jackie Zeman, Maria Richwine and Barbara Bosson all worked as Bunnies, as did rock star Deborah Harry. And in both “Legally Blonde” & “Bridget Jones’ Diary” the lead character, played by Reese Witherspoon and Renee Zellweger respectively, arrives at a party thinking it is a costume party, wearing a Bunny costume.

This new 50th Anniversary Playboy Bunny Costume found on lingerie.com is one of many products that will be launched this year to celebrate. Other commemorative items include a line of vintage-inspired Bunny tee shirts, special edition barware, bunny inlaid keychains and “The Hef” loveseat.

Once when I didn’t know what to get Jeff for his birthday, I cruised over to EBay and found a Playboy magazine from the month/year he was born. Those bunnies sure looked different in the 70′s!

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  2. Playboy Bunny is really something legendary. I think that this is one of the most well know brands in the world. Many don’t know how this bunny “born” but they do know its existence

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