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Is your Account Still Active?

Hello Intimate Guide Readers, We had 10 lingerie articles hacked this weekend. Some of you have already emailed us. Thank you for the heads up, we were right on top of it. All spam has been deleted from the site. If you subscribe to our site or our RSS feed, there is a possibility that […]

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Swimwear and Lingerie

While we normally reserve our swimwear related posts for Crush the Turtle, I thought I’d end my 5 month blogging hiatus for a special post this week. After all, this post is about swimwear and lingerie so at least half of the subject matter is out of Crush’s area of expertise. It’s not often we […]

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Survey: Style vs. Substance

Here in Florida it is currently hurricane season. People want to come from all over to hang out on our beaches (Tampa Bay is free from oil) — but tourists are dismayed when the rainclouds roll in. Here’s a tip: from May – Sept. if you are in the state of Florida, keep an umbrella […]

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Students at New York Law School, an independent law school in lower Manhattan, will now help you stay informed on fashion law., an online resource produced by the Institute for Information Law & Policy (IILP) at New York Law School, now features a blog that covers breaking news and analysis related to fashion law. […]

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