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3G Toxxik Mesh brief

When most people think of 3G, they think of wireless networks and cellular phones.  Here at the Intimate Guide, we say “Screw that geeky stuff, let’s talk about underwear!” – and that frequently gets us in trouble with the techies who keep the whole site running. Today’s topic is, however, 3G underwear.  It’s a brand […]

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Element(o)s Cobra Hip Brief

We’ve been digging some of the new stuff on the scene from Element(o)s Brazil, a new brand from Brazilian designer, Anderson Prata. Many of the designs have a tribal element to them, resembling the ubiquitous tribal armband tattoo. This particular design features (what else?) a snake on the crotch. The cobra hip brief from Element(o)s […]

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Diesel Tetryx Brief

Hey guys! Do you like the look of a belt, but are turned off by the way it weighs you down? Do you hate having to remove your belt at the airport causing dirty looks and groans from irate travelers in security lines? Are you sick of boring waistbands on your underwear? Then the Diesel […]

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Valentine’s Day for the Guys

After our post about Valentine’s Day lingerie gift suggestions, there was quite a clamor. Protesters lined up across the street from Intimate Guide headquarters, blocking traffic and demanding fair treatment for the guys. Actually, we got one comment on the blog and a couple of emails. The massive line of people across the street was […]

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C-in2 3D patterned low no show brief

Those of you who were around in the 80′s will likely remember the video games. Given the blockbuster movie-like budgets that video games now have with their realistic graphics, voiceover actors, and Dolby digital soundtracks, it’s amazing that we ever had any fun at all playing around with the likes of Pac-man, Mr. Do and […]

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