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Lou Music Hall Thong

For the average American, a lingerie brand named “Lou” doesn’t conjure up great images.  Let’s face it, we’re used to seeing Lou’s Pizzeria, Lou’s Auto Center, Lou’s Tavern and Lou’s 24 Hour Bail Bonds, but Lou’s lingerie is not something you’d typically see while walking the streets of Brooklyn: “Yo!  Check out my buddy Lou’s […]

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Blush Simply Sweet Thong

This week, we thought we’d take you all down south for Thong Thursday.  We realize that for many, the thought of a “Thong Thursday” in the south involves hanging a camoflauge thong out the top of cutoff jean shorts and dancing on the tables at the local Mugs n Jugs.  While we won’t argue the […]

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Freya Tamsin Thong

Last week’s zebra print thong was a big hit, so we thought we’d stay on the zebra trend and show you something with a little more non-traditional zebra print this week.  In fact, calling it a zebra print probably ticks off the designers, so we’ll refer to is as a “zebra design”. The Freya Tamsin […]

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Biatta Lee Zebra Print thong panty

We’ll admit that last week we went a bit overboard with our biblical history lesson during Thong Thursday.  Perhaps you would all have been better served if last week would have been more “thong” and less “holy” Thursday.  In any event, we vowed to return to a subject you’d expect to see on Thong Thursday… […]

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Cosabella Bathsheba thong

If  you’re up on your biblical history (and really, what casual browser of lingerie websites isn’t?), then you’ll know that Bathsheba was the  wife of Uriah the Hittite.  As legend goes, she was bathing one day while King David was hanging out on his roof.  He spied the sexy Bathsheba and was unable to contain […]

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