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Homecoming Hosiery

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The air is getting cooler, school is in session, and weekends revolve around food, family and football. Soon, teens around the United States will be scrambling to find a date to the formal homecoming dance. Rachel’s cousin is one of those teens. Fortunately, she’s already found […]

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Patterned Grey Tights for the Fall

I’ve been told that grey is the new black. From this day forward (or at least until chartreuse becomes the new grey), evil magicians will be said to practice “grey magic”, evil cowboys will wear grey hats and evil matter sucking voids in outer space will be referred to as “grey holes”. Or… It’s fashionspeak […]

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Pantyhose tags

Dear Pantyhose Manufacturers, Please put tags in the waistbands of your pantyhose. They don’t need to be large, or itchy. Just large enough for a brand name, size and color. That way, when I have a pair of pantyhose that I really like, and they RUN, I can just go buy the same ones and […]

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