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LoveTuggers solve the age-old problem of having panties ruined by an overzealous lover who tears panties off your body and tosses them across the room in shreds, rendered useless. Although we have nothing against hot sex, we are saddened by torn panties! Inventors Kate and Jesse Googled tear-away undies, but came up empty handed. So […]

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Pretty Little Panties

To round out our week of Baci lingerie as featured on, it is MY pleasure to introduce you to the Baci pink leopard booty short & triangle bra set. This adorable bra and panty set is made of stretchy, leopard spotted mesh and hot pink mesh. Ruffles cover the panties from front to back […]

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What to wear under white?

What to wear under white pants and shorts is a question that comes up a lot, especially this time of year. I’ve often seen black underneath white pants. Clearly if you’re going that route, you must be wanting people to see your underthings. I’m surprised at how often the black underneath the white pants is […]

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Sexy Period Panties

Sometimes I fall in love with a brand. When a product has all the right little touches: cute logo, nice packaging, great tagline, feels good, looks great, fits as expected, washes well… I just might fall in love. And then if it has a good STORY behind it, that’s like the icing on the cake. […]

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No Lines, No Slip panty

Bali Intimates has a new “No Lines, No Slip panty”. That’s the full name of the panty. It’s long, because it has a big job to do. This panty keep you covered without letting people know how well covered you are. I was given these Bali panties to test out. They have a lot of […]

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