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Angelina Jolie

With the way Angelina’s dress is sitting away from her body, there’s really no way she’s hiding a bra under there. In fact, we wouldn’t be so surprised if she never wears underwear.

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Marion Cottilard

Last year’s winner Marion Cottilard showing us the strapless straight neckline that so many other ladies are showing off this year.  Actually, though viewing this pictures reinforces her victory for Best Underwear in a Supporting Role last year.  She looked so curvy and apparently she wasn’t working with as much as we thought!

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Jessica Biel

Jessica continues the straight neckline trend of the evening.  Not much to say here….but hey guys, here’s a closeup of Jessica Biel’s breasts!

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Marissa Tomei

Rachel is claiming that “surgery is out” and therefore the ladies are covering their breasts.  Don’t they know that shapewear is in?  They can have fabulous cleavage without surgery!  Grrrr.  Marissa  looks to be braless in this single strapped dress.

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Queen Latifah

The Queen is looking lovely as she always does on the Red Carpet. Her waist is cinched and unlike so many of the other ladies, she’s showing some cleavage. We’re betting she’s got some kind of pushup bustier or even a strapless body suit.

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