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Congratulatons Beyonce

Say what you will about the dress itself, but it there was definitely some shaping going on underneath for Beyonce last night at the Oscars.  Although it was a rather “uplifting” evening for Sarah Jessica Parker a late surge couldn’t push her past Beyonce. While Beyonce may have a natural hourglass figure, we’d say it […]

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And the nominees are…

It’s time to vote!  This year’s nominees are: 1)  Sara Jessica Parker 2)  Beyonce Knowles 3)  Queen Latifah Vote below [poll=7]

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Sarah Jessica Parker at the Oscars

Finally, the girls have come out to play!  Sarah is spilling over the top of her dress.  Almost definitely a strapless push up bra here if not a strapless longline bustier.  It might be a size too small, though.

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Yowsa!  Beyonce is wearing a beautiful embroidered dress this evening.  The interesting cut at the top is showing just a little cleavage.  She’s voluptuous and curvy.  She may be braless, but she’s most definitely sporting some kind of waist cincher. All she needs on top are some little breast petals in case anything slips or […]

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Penelope Cruz

Yay! Cleavage for the lovely Penelope.  We’re seeing a little bit of unnatural folding at the waist.  It could just be the cut of the dress, but we’re thinking she’s wearing a basque or a strapless/backless like this one.

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