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Day of Rememberance

For me, this is for all the children everywhere who suffer needlessly. The preemies, the cancer patients, those being raised in a time of war or in a home with its own battles. Lets hold childhood sacred.

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NBC’s Fashion Star

Last night on NBC’s “Fashion Star,” six hopeful designers – Edmond Newton, Lizzie Parker, Nikki Poulos, Nzimiro Oputa, Orly Shani and Sarah Parrott – won big! Can you imagine having your designs PURCHASED BY AMERICA’S TOP RETAILERS: MACY’S, H&M and SAKS FIFTH AVENUE?! “Fashion Star” scours the country in search for the next big brand […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Lingerie

Check out these great green lingerie picks for St. Patrick’s day. Who says Valentine’s Day and Christmas should have all the fun?

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Trick or Treats & Ta-Tas

Last week we showed you some of the gorgeous, limited edition couture costumes at Chelsea Manor Intimates. Before we tell you about their heatwarming Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotion, we want to introduce you to some adorable bags the whole family will love when Trick or Treating. Envirosax makes designer reusable bags so that you […]

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Echo Design Thinks Pink

This October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month, noted accessories company Echo Design is joining forces with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help strive for a cure. Check out their “Pink Boutique”, showcasing rosy-hued scarves, gloves, hats and other accessories. Echo will donate 15% of sales of these items to BCRF. If you love their […]

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