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Bringing Boobies Back

Repost from Oct. 2011: This Breast Cancer Awareness month I would like to once again introduce our readers to My Hope Chest (, the ONLY National NonProfit helping uninsured breast cancer survivors obtain breast reconstruction surgery. Have you ever heard of a Lopsided Showgirl? Alisa Savoretti, the Founder of My Hope Chest, was a Vegas […]

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Summer Makeover

Just because we love you, we spoke with Celebrity Fashion Designer & Author of The Science of Sexy Bradley Bayou about your next Summer Makeover – items every woman should have in her closet to look FAB this summer. Intimate Guide: You’ve dressed women of every shape and size, and designed everything from couture to […]

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We’re featured on Parenting Pink

When Parenting Pink mentioned doing an article about taking moms From Frumpy to Fabulous, we wanted to make sure what to wear UNDER there was not left out of the equation! Sure enough, they took our advice, including this quote: “One of the best things women can do to improve their look is to start […]

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Catching Up with Pippie Flanagan

Just before the New Year, we caught up with Pippie Flanagan to talk about her latest project.  Many of you will remember our late summer interview with Pippie following the launch of  Since then, she’s been working hard and has just launched a new site for women seeking a plus size bra. IG: After […]

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An Interview with Examiner #1

Recently, we were able to catch up with the effervescent Pippie Flanagan – a long time reader, part time elite blogger at Stylehive, and bra fitter extraordinaire for a major department store – to talk about her latest project, IG: We haven’t heard much from you over at the hive in the last several […]

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