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Felina Ria Underwire Bra and Skirted Thong

There’s really nothing more in the spirit of Frilly Friday than a skirted thong. You see in general, the whole reason you wear a thong is to eliminate panty lines underneath some tight fitting garment. Try to wear a skirted thong under something tight and you certainly won’t have panty lines – you’ll have panty […]

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Stiletto Bustier and Skirt set

A stiletto is a short knife or dagger that is used primarily as a stabbing weapon. It gained favor among assassins during the Renaissance because it was easily concealed and easily slipped through the plates of a knight’s armor. Stiletto heels were so named because they closely resemble the shape of this deadly weapon. This […]

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National Slipper Day

Here we are smack dab in the middle of National Pajama month and what is today? Why, it’s National Slipper Day, of course! Maybe you’re a smarty pants and you already knew that, but it gets better. You see, National Slipper Day wasn’t meant to fall during National Pajama Month. It was created to fall […]

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Mary Green Reversible Eye Mask

We’re three pairs of pajamas into National Pajama month and we’ve got oh so many more to go. We thought this might be a good time to take a quick Frilly Friday break and present a nifty little accessory for those pajamas. Not only is it a strikingly elegant item, it also fosters spousal communication. […]

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Aubade Caprice Combinette

We know it’s not quite National Pajama month just yet, but we’ve got so much exciting stuff to talk about next month, that we thought we’d let this one sneak into the end of September. After all, babydolls may be considered sleepwear and they’re definitely worn in the bedroom, but they are seldom worn to […]

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