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Dreamgirl Charmeuse and Lace Babydoll

Now that we’re back from our awesome and relaxing vacation, we can actually bring you some cool new “springy” stuff.  If you were expecting pastels and sheer fabrics with flowery patterns, then you’re out of luck this week.  Certainly most people aren’t thinking of the metallic look this time of year.  Typically, anything metallic gives […]

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Elle MacPherson Intimates Artistry Set

If yesterday’s Thong Thursday post was about being simple and sexy, then today’s Frilly Friday post is all about the intricate complexities of relationships in high society during the 20th century. Okay, not really. Today’s Frilly Friday selection is, however, a stark contrast to yesterday’s Thong Thursday treat (it is Frilly Friday after all).  The […]

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Wacoal Luxe Isn’t it Rich Set

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Frilly Friday. That’s because we haven’t been all that inspired by the stuff we’ve been seeing lately. We’re pretty sure that will change in the coming weeks because lots of bright colors are being released for springtime. Since we’ll probably be inundating you with bright colors over […]

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Aubade Tulipes Melodie Set

Today is National Wear Red day to support women’s heart disease awareness. While it’s not necessarily as cozy as National Pajama month or as confusing as Talk Like a Pirate Day, it was created to support an important cause. It is also fortuitous that it falls so close to Valentine’s Day (a great time to […]

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Freya Jessica

It may be a bit early for this. After all, we’re even mired in a bit of a cold spell down here in Florida, but bare with us on this. There’s often a time in a guy’s life when he’s spent all winter bumming around with the neighborhood girl. They’ve had fun. They’ve thrown snowballs […]

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