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Lane Bryant Valentine’s

To all my curvy ladies this Frilly Friday:  It’s time to put aside the snuggly jammies and slip into some sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day. One of our fave plus-size apparel retailers, Lane Bryant, has a cute new lingerie line for Valentine’s finished off with ruffles and lace that you simply have to check out. A few of our […]

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Lunaire St Tropez Set

We’ve never been to St. Tropez, but it certainly seems like a fun place to visit.  With so many different lingerie designs taking their name from the French Riviera party haven (astute readers will remember the St. Tropez basque), it must truly be a place to see.  Oddly, it’s the beaches of St. Tropez that […]

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Blush Doll Face Push-Up Camidoll

“Doll Face”. It sounds like something a Humphrey Bogart character would say: “I’m sorry, doll face.  Where I’m going, you can’t go.  What I’m seeing you can’t see.  Don’t you know that the problems of two and a half people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this world?  Here’s lookin’ at you, doll […]

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Aubade Rose Piquante Set

While the snow is still falling in some places around the globe, we’ve seen the cold spells getting shorter and strong springtime storms starting to roll across the plains.  The old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers” so we thought we’d give you a preview of those flowers just in case you’re stuck staring […]

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Boudoir Leavers Lace Set

In the land of lingerie, it is often said that “less is more”.  That’s not always true, though.  In the case of this lovely set, it seems that “more is less”….or rather “more is more”…or whatever – we’re still trying to find a flight to the land of lingerie, but nobody seems to know where […]

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