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Read Pink

New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips ( is going PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! “So many of us have been touched by cancer… I’m honored to be part of the Read Pink! program to help fight this disease. Purchasing a Pink book donates money to the The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Buy and […]

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Revive your Relationship

Health Communications, Inc. is a book publishing company that puts out books to help you with life issues. Recently they gave me a copy of “Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex!”, a book to help married couples who feel like their passion is waning and they seem to be living like roommates instead […]

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Become a Millionaire

Wendy Robbins, coach from the reality TV series with Kelly Ripa, Homemade Millionaire on TLC, is previously known for co inventing a head massager called the Tingler. She went from being $10,000 in debt to making millions by co-inventing and marketing The Tingler head massager. Wendy believes many women know of a problem and frequently […]

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The Miracle Man

Can you imagine ‘America’s Got Talent’ if one of the judges were a heavenly Saviour? This is loosely the premise behind the new book “The Miracle Man” by Maggy Whitehouse, a story that follows 2 years in the life of a present-day Messiah who becomes a judge on a popular TV talent show, and whose […]

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Be a Glam Girl!

Dawn Del Russo, accomplished fashion stylist and owner of, is the author of the highly anticipated quick-tip style book, 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle. Packed with realistic and practical tips as well as cheeky colorful illustrations, you’ll easily feel glamorous after flipping through the pages of this little fashion bible. […]

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