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Lingerie for the Holidays – 5 gift ideas

If you’re a guy and you’ve been thinking about buying something for your girlfriend, wife, mistress, or all of the above this holiday season, I’ve got some troubling news. Christmas is less than two weeks away. This is what we guys like to call “crunch time”. You’re down by 6 with less than 2 minutes […]

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Who buys lingerie for Mother’s Day?

Here at the Intimate Guide, we frequently get a heads up on all the sales and specials offered by lingerie shops around the internet.  The last few weeks, my inbox has been jammed with specials for Mother’s Day, leading me to wonder who the heck buys their mom lingerie for Mother’s Day? I certainly can’t […]

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What about the guys?

After my post about what the ladies should get themselves for Valentine’s Day, there was a bit of an outcry from the guys about Valentine’s underwear for them.  My inbox was filled with scathing remarks, death threats, and only a little bit of support from guys who agree they’d rather see their favorite lady in […]

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Valentine’s day gift ideas – for HER.

Here is a woman’s opinion of stuff that would be fun to open up in a little frou-frou package on a romantic day… But remember, no 2 women are alike. Yowsa! These are beyond sexy. Be forewarned – if you’re a man who does not like to dance -  I don’t know how anyone could wear […]

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Buying lingerie – the men’s guide – a woman’s comments…

Jeff wrote recently about shopping for a lady’s gift of lingerie. Here are my 2 cents… Talk to the salesladies at the store. They are trained to help clueless guys (ha ha). Seriously, they are trained to help search for the right size. I ask to be measured every time I go in to shop […]

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