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Valentine’s Day 2009 Lingerie Gift Suggestions

Valentine’s day is only 3 and a half weeks away! Certainly this is not yet on most guys’ radar, but it really should be. You don’t want to be the guy who has no clue what to buy, runs around frantically, buys what the local store has the most of and tops it off with […]

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Holiday 2008 Lingerie Gift Suggestions

Now that we’ve completed our lingerie gift giving guide, we thought we’d offer a few example suggestions for each body and personality type. If you’ve yet to read the guide, head on over there and read that first. Then come back and take a look at the suggestions. Since this is our first attempt following […]

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Valentine’s back-up gift

Jeff has written some great stuff lately about how to buy a lingerie Valentine’s Day gift for your other half. So now it’s time for a woman’s point of view… One very important statement he made was about buying the right size. If you buy somthing too large you may insult your sweetheart. (No one […]

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Valentines Day Suggestions

Apparently last week’s little primer on how to best shop for lingerie was not specific enough. Requests have been pouring in for actual suggestions. While we can’t actually give anyone any kind of solid suggestion as to what might look good on their favorite lady without actually knowing her, we’re going to throw out some […]

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Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

97% of statistics you find are made up, so here are a few that I just made up: 10% of the people reading this are men. About 55% of those men will be buying some sort of Valentine’s Day present. 80% of that group have thought about purchasing lingerie. Of those 80% who have thought […]

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