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Bridal Party Tees Cami and PantiesWhen Rachel and I got married, we were young, bewildered and had no clue how to go about anything wedding related. Fortunately, we had a very small ceremony at the courthouse and an intimate party for family and friends a week later. Since then, Rachel and I have had the privilege to play just about every part imaginable (except minister, perhaps) in many a nuptial ceremony as our friends and family members have wed.

There have been small, traditional ceremonies in middle of nowhere Missouri, lavish affairs at East Coast country clubs, festive Orthodox Jewish celebrations in hurricane ravaged Miami and just about everything in between. Rachel has donned a lot of formal dresses and I’ve worn many tuxedos. She’s attended bachelorette parties in Florida and I’ve attended bachelor parties in Vegas. We’ve imbibed cocktails with wedding parties on buses and paused for frozen custard with the bride and groom.

We’ve seen a lot of weddings. We’ve seen them done in many different ways and I’ve never come across as cool a wedding resource as the one I found today – Bridal Party Tees. “Sure,” you might say, “another online custom T-shirt store. Thanks a lot”. Ahhh, but the T-shirts only scratch the surface. You can get tanks for the bridal party, tees for the family and (my favorite) low rise custom printed bikinis for the wedding night…or maybe the honeymoon.

The site features a wide range of products, including customized tote bags to carry around all those “wedding supplies” that nobody really thinks about until the bride is trying to make her way from the party bus to the photoshoot on the college campus with an armful of agendas, flowers, hairbrushes and dress shoes. That’s not what initially impressed me, though.

I entered the site through the blog. It’s a plethora of information for the bride, the groom, the parents, the wedding party and the random guests. So, you’re the maid of honor and you’re not really sure what your role in the whole wedding thing is? No sweat, you’ll find the answer there. Not sure how much to budget for the big event? The site provides some clues. Need bridal shower ideas? They’ve got them. Placeholders for the reception? You get the point.

The blog is relatively new, and everyone starts out with good intentions, so I hope these folks keep up the great work. In the meantime, I’ll be encouraging my single friends to get married so we can all get custom tees to wear during the pre-wedding festivities.

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