Where to find what you saw on TV (Tyra Banks Panty Party)

Did you watch the Tyra Banks show Panty Party?

Ordinary girls gave their underwear / under-there problems and Tyra’s guest-hosts helped give solutions. Then Tyra asked Truth or Myth questions and got real world answers. And there were lots of items modeled.

Here’s what you missed:

Problem 1 Thongs showing out of the back of my Jeans! Help!
Solution: Jeanious line from Barely There. Comes in Thong, Bikini and Hipster styles.
Why it works: There is a V-shape to the top of the panties in back and in front. They don’t peek out of your jeans when you bend over.
Find it at www.barelythere.com

Problem 2: Pudgy Tummy. Hide it!
Solution: To hide the muffin top, Buddah Belly, burrito front… Try the Donna Karan Body Perfect shaper. CLICK ON THE PHOTO to see pricing. Comes in mid thigh, capri pant and more styles.
Why it works: No banding, thin fabric, gives a smooth silhouette without stuffing you in like a sausage. Also comes in 2 control choices. Control 1 for light smoothing and control 2 for extra help.

Problem 3: Tiny Chest. Can my small A boobs look bigger?
Solution: Wonderbra has a new light lift padding bra (no gel) that gives a light lift. Demi and plunge available. CLICK ON PHOTO to see pricing.
Why it works: Adds cleavage even to the teeny tiny boobs.

Problem 4: My large breasts get all the attention. Can I make them fit in clothes better?
Solution #1 Wear V neck tops, not crew neck tops.
Solution #2 Bali minimizer bra CLICK ON PHOTO to see prices
Why it works: The bra can reduce you up to 1.5 inches in the bust line.

The show’s side note: Granny Panties – men hate them. Why do women wear them? One guest said “My mom taught me that modest is hottest and they keep my junk in the trunk so it can stay there.”

Are thongs healthy? Can sleeping in a bra keep your boobs high and dry? Tyra asked her OBGYN expert the following Fact or Fiction questions and got the following answers.Can thongs cause health problems?
Answer: Yes! Thongs can cause vaginal infections, hemmeroids. If you must wear a thong, try one more like a butterfly shape and cotton crotch so the vagina can breathe.
A butterfly thong is almost the same width in front and back. Goes on the outside of the bottom, not between cheeks. Poly cotton blend is better than polyester because the fabric breathes more. Helps keep away bacterial infections.

Sleep with or without panties?
Answer: WITHOUT. 24 hours of moisture collecting near the vaginal area causes yeast infections. Go commando or wear wide boxers if you must.

Does wearing a bra at night prevent sagging of the breasts?
Answer: Yes, especially if you are on the larger side. Breasts stay up and remain firmer with more support. Genetics play a big part in it. Once you sag it is hard to get any firmness back.

How should I wash and dry panties?
Answer: Do not hang dry! Heat, heat, heat them to remove bacteria. Cold water for wash if you want them to not fade, then put them in the dryer till they are completely dry!

klockeThen Tyra had models from her plus sized model search talking about plus sized bras and panties. Singer Kimberly Locke (from American Idol) was the guest host for this part of the show.
Kimberly Locke said she was wearing a pink star G-string and showed off her side strap. She is working with Cacique by Lane Bryant on a line of clothing and lingerie for plus sized women. It is for curvy women. They are not granny panties, you can have the lacy pretty bras and still have support.

The first model came out in a red satin lace-up corset that covers enough to be worn as a top, panties that were satin and boy-cut. Tyra notcied she had no booty dimples.

The 2nd model had a white corset with a layer of black lace. Very Pussy-Cat Dolls. She had on fishnets and panties and garters. She was 6 feet tall and had a lot of fishnet going on! Kimberly said not to leave them in the bedroom!

3rd was a black corset with silver sequins from the Holiday Collection. $58 is quite affordable for this corset!

4th we had a full figure top model winner in black satin plunge push up bra from holiday collection, with ATTACHED rhinestone necklace. Very different! Her sheer robe/sweater can be worn out of the bedroom.
find the collection at www.Lanebryant.com

Last season Tyra had a male underwear model search. The winner was Eric.
5 months later they followed him to an underwear photo shoot with a top photographer.
Today Eric came out in black short boxer briefs and a mic. He had a bit more head stubble from before (he has a shaved head). He just did a fashin show with Macy’s walking around in his underwear. He did a Nike ad, Hyatt print ad, dentist commercial, etc. His dad said Tyra was checking him out.

Next Tyra had a previous contestant of America’s Next Top Model. It was the first time Tyra saw her since she was voted off the show. She is Indian and has very dark skin and did not like her dark skin. She even wore blue contact lenses. She gained self confidence from Tyra’s show and discovered her own beauty. Tyra brought out a young Indian woman with body issues and low self esteem to meet her.

The audience was all in their undies too! See clips at tyrashow.com

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